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The last few months have been on the go for me and my family. We spent a couple months in Hawai'i on the Big Island cruising around in a Jeep Wrangler on the beach and seeing the sights. Then the last 6 weeks we've been visiting family in Washington and looking for new opportunities. I've been making tons of drawings since we've been cooped up inside during this cold rainy winter and really having fun with them. I've added a couple new tabs in my galleries to really help break down the work so it's easier for people to find the stuff they want to look at. One of them is a gallery of digital drawings I've made in the last year. These are so fun for me to make, so I really hope you enjoy looking at them! A few of these drawings I've printed at 10x10 inches and are available on Canson watercolor paper with archival glicee ink. I also have available 3 more of "Blue Oyster Cult" printed at 12x12 inches on a watercolor so thick you could make a sammich with it. Also with archival glicee ink. It's a matte finish and just so beautiful. I may keep one for myself.

Last weekend I made a 2 day trip to Seattle and did a few tattoos that I've posted up on my gallery and tomorrow I'll be making a trip to Monterey Bay to tattoo at Iron Crown tattoo for a 4 day weekend. So I've made a few drawings that are California and Pacific related for tattoos or print. One is pictured below.

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