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Beach Tattooing

Illuminati Tattoo is a pretty fun and chill shop. Nichole and I tattooed together this last week and it was good. We both had some long days making awesome art and I am grateful for this awesome opportunity to make, learn and grow as an artist. My family is moved in with me now and we are learning the area and settling in quickly.

This upcoming week I am looking forward to finishing the skateboard I started 2 weeks ago and also adding some kind of frame to a horse painting I made a few years ago for my partner Greg. I would love to do some painting trades with people, so let me know if I have anything you'd want to trade for. I'm also interested in doing new work for trades too.

Very soon I will be looking around the market for a sweet ass van to buy. Either converted or big enough to convert into a camper kind of situation. I like big Fords, Chevy's and Toyotas. It would be really cool to do a tattoo trade for all or part of the vehicle. Feel free to tag anyone who has one up for grabs!!

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