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Santa Cruz

These last few weeks have been very interesting. After a guest spot at Iron Crown Tattoo in Monterey, I met James McDermott and have started working at an established spot on the waterfront in Santa Cruz. This shop has great energy. I've got a ton of new prints you can buy at the shop if you stop by. Lots of flash to choose from, beautiful wood floors, super cleaned by yours truly, huge plants, easy vibe, 1 block from the Pacific ocean, the warf, light house, dog beach, food, huge arcade, boardwalk, roller-coasters. It's pretty legit. Want to know what's even more incredible about this? I'm tattooing across from Nichole Moore. If you haven't seen her work, look at it, like, right now. This mega babe excels at watercolor and realism tattooing, however she is an very diverse tattooist. She is a true artist and amazing person. Taco Bar across the street! If none of the things I've just said don't tempt you to come in, then you're no fun. :D

For more information about our shop, or to book appointments, please message, text, email or call! <3

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