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These Photos are of recent tattoos that I have made on my clients.  I try to be as intuitive as possible when working with my People to make sure they get the piece they want.  Meeting in person is a big part of that for me.  Contact me in the link above to talk to me about your ideas. thank you for visiting.

Great horned owl
Cooper’s hawk
Tree woman
Berber style throat
Hammerhead shark
Macabre sleeve
Pathos sleeve

Centipede sleeve as first tattoo

garden sleeve

This garden flowers sleeve with a bold outline with delicate shading has been a joy for me. Such a sweet human!

salmon spirit
mushroom gal

Melting her face off to see herself. There is a painting of this one as well. I love this design. More plez!!

other side mush
Mandala effect
butterflies and roses
Mama whale

This one is for a mama and daughter.

Mourning dove
Great blue heron

This one I designed in Washington while anticipating moving to California.

Space Diver
2 wolves

Man of 2 heritages and the dark and light wolves within. I greatly enjoyed designing and tattooing this piece! Thank you!

For mom
Nature laver’s
Floral bouquet on Niki

California Poppies, Calla Lillies, and Lupine on this California native living in the PNW. Sprinkler geeks unite!

delicate sternum
Morning Glories
Frankie's head

Frankie connects deeply with the spirit of Turkey Vulture medicine and the sun. I love this human and the tattoo! Thank you for your trust!

turkey vulture
Cicada wings

Cicada fairy wings for this delightful lady.

Matt's Lady face

I loved drawing this and tattooing it. Thank you Thank you!!

peaceful sleeve

I Loved making this tattoo for Robert.

Joaquin's Secret of Nihm

So fun.

Detail of Ms. Brisbee
Mandible arm

This client loves flowers and wanted a delicate piece that was death inspired without looking too grim. Delightful to design and tattoo.

Half Dome under the moon

I love half dome (who doesn't) and was honored to make this tattoo. I'd love to do more like this.

Elena's Rabbit

I was given free reign on this piece. loooooove it!

death’s head moth
Cally's lady and beetle

This is a piece in progress! Check back for the finished piece!

Little death

Tayah likes dark tattoos with dark subject matter and I felt like I did a great job creating a flip side to Rod Sterling in this tattoo of a woman wearing a plague mask.

Rod sterling

Rod Sterling commemorative tattoo on my very reliable baby sitter. Tayah traded me sitting for tattoos and I very nearly completed her left sleeve.

Eilenas back

This piece was so fun for me. I love doing line hatching work. Eilena's friend from collage made this awesome drawing and I made the tattoo. Thank you for sitting so well and trusting me with so much of your body.

Eilenas front

This project was intimidating for me to stencil, but turned out to be way easier to get on than I had imagined in my head. In 3 long sessions we completed this piece. WOW! I'm still obsessed with the way it looks on this incredibly beautiful person.

Zammit Before

Bob had an old tattoo he felt he had grown out of and wanted crows on his arm instead. The left image is the before photo I took. I designed the crows flying across his arm on my IPad in an artistic style as he requested.


This is the after photo of Bob's arm. This tattoo was made in one session.

Chandler's Tropics 2
Chandler's Tropical foilage

Ah, Chandler! What a great client. I love doing work for this man. He picks fun stuff and we have a great time collaborating to make these pieces really his own. Thank you again, friend.

Chandler's Tropics3
Healed Palm Tree

This is the healed photo of Candler's tree.

Flowers back
Flowers and wolf skull

This single session piece was oh so much fun. 8.5 hour sit and one small touch up session 2 days later. I am so in love with the finished product. Chrysanthemums and Day lilies with a Dire wolf skull on the inside arm and honey comb in the ditch.

Flowers 2
Dire Wolf
Dae's Knuckles

Dae wanted the moon phases on his lower knuckles and I was happy to tattoo them. Those poor pinkies took a beating.


This client and her mother love the famous Michelangelo painting and I loved replicating it on her arm! Thanks for the fun!

Endless mountains

Robbie is a mountain woman. She brought a design of endless mountains and I cleaned it up and made it tattooable in the ol IPad. Very interesting person to talk to.


Beautiful rosary, flower and stars memorial piece for her dearly departed family members. I love the stars in this one!

Repost of a clients tattoo from this week
Elizabeth's Hear in a jar

I very much loved tattooing and drawing and chatting with Elizabeth. Fun times!

Loved doing this one on Maryann! Thanks for looking!🌸_._._⚡️⚡️_._._._._._
Wolf moon

This lady brought an image from a comic for me to tattoo on her back. I love the way it turned out.

Rhia's Rose buds

I drew these while working at Valor and tattooed them on Rhia this week. A pleasure to tattoo a rose bud sprig.

AK's in a star

From the popular band logo to this client's arm.

Black roses

This client wanted beautiful black roses. I made this drawing from a photo of roses I liked. This tattoo was made in one session.

Wolf, Girl, Sunflowers

This first time tattoo recipient wanted something fiercely woman with sunflowers. She showed me some images she wanted and I put this together for her. She sat through the whole 3 hour tattoo without a break. Tough as nails. Thank you for your trust and awesomeness.

Started this piece on a chick from North Fork, CA.jpg  Super fun and super rad piece.jpg More like t
Cherry branch

Cherry branch with no flowers in brush style. I love this one.

Birds Blackwork

I was supplied with the poem and told to make it real black and abstract. This was super fun.

Peonies add on

This client had some existing flowers tattooed on the upper ribs and wanted a more substantial piece added on and flowing with her body. This tattoo was made in one session.

Anne's Space Buffalo

Anne feels like the buffalo is her spirit animal at the moment. She also wanted to add a Native American mandala pattern she found in a book. Also, we love space.

Rose knees 2
Rose Knees

I love these tattoos. Interesting client with awesome reference pictures. She sat like a statue. Thank you!

Flower heads

This walk-in client came with a supplied design, but I had a blast tattooing it.

Felicity's completed leg

This tattoo is so rad to me. I am grateful for awesome friends who get my paintings tattooed on their bodies. I would like to make more largescale work like this!


More of Felicity's leg

Georgia O'Keefe

My client is an art history buff who adores Georgia O'Keefe. We used the classic painting as a line drawing and I whip shaded to bring it to life on her skin.

Flower backpiece coverup

I did this custom backpiece over an old tattoo and spiced up the butterfly in the corner. Thank you for the fun tattoo.

flowers and sparrow coverup
Tyler's tiger

Tyler wanted a black and grey tiger with clear blue eyes. Tattoo is based on an image he supplied me with.


Funny Reno tattoo

New one on _blushyemoji from a design I drew a while back.  Thank you for getting this one, Sam! ✨_C
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