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Tattoo Colorwork

This is a gallery of my favorite recent colorwork.  I love trying new things with color, especailly graphic style pops of color.

Let me make an awesome piece on you!


Mom heart for our Mother Earth, Pachamama

Jay feather
faded rose

The life cycle of the monarch butterfly!

Damon’s chest

Cube that I made up.

Shadoe’s hand

One of my favorite tattoos I have made. This was inspired by indigenous style jewelry.

Heather’s feather side view
Heather’s feathers
Custom made European tribal

I put this one together based on embroidery styles in Europe.

Yin Yang Koi
Holly's Girl face

I love this image and was so grateful to Holly for getting it tattooed! This is not the finished piece so check back again to see the final picture!

Melissa's Jelly

Melissa got stung by a jelly in Spain! The wound looked horrible, but that tattoo is smooth as can be. I'm obsessed with how it turned out. She's the best!

Fox on Casey

I adore this piece. Casey picked this drawing out of sketches I had made and we customized it with color to suit her needs. Thank you for getting my work!

Fox on Casey
Fox on Casey

detail shot of fox

Sam's underwater half sleeve

We've been working on this for some months and it is finally complete! It feels so good to see a finished sleeve that I got to take part in! Thank you Sam for your trust and patience.

Sam's underwater half sleeve
Sam's underwater half sleeve
The boy and The girl

Couples tattoo on these walk-ins in Seattle. These were drawings the client made in 8th grade to piss off his art teacher. It worked. haha

screaming gorilla
Ink style Sakura

Cherry branch on a lovely client in Seattle.

🌸Dainty flower tattoos on a beautiful woman. 🌿🌼_._._⚡️⚡️_._._._
Detail shot of the moth I tattooed on my leg last night. ✨🌙_._._⚡www.⚡_._._._
Fixup of an older tattoo on my leg done at my shop in Santa Cruz, CA.🌙Here’s a before and after pic

On my own leg.

Re-tattooed this moth on my own leg to make it cooler. Freehand. ✨🦋_._._⚡️
Coverup fixup

This fun client came in with the tattoo pictured on the left and asked me to add some more flowers and brighten up the colors, however, after talking to her for a while I came to realize she really hated the hummingbird she had and so I offered to fix it for her. She seemed very skeptical, but after about an hour of drawing revamped the branch to coverup the old bird and we added a bright new hummingbird across from it. I'm very happy with the result.

Death Before Decaf

Hex loves coffee. And cupcakes. I loved making this tattoo for her.

Death Before Decf

I filled in a back section of this mama's arm with Prickly Pear Cactus in bloom.

Succa FREE!

Succa FREE!

Hemlock on Copper

This client wanted a Washington State tattoo, so she chose the state tree, the Hemlock as the inspiration for this design.

Simple Red Rose
I loved making this skate tattoo on Tyler yesterday. Let the good times roll✨_._._⚡️www.QueenofCupsT
Still pics of this super fun skater tattoo on Tyler yesterday. ✨ ._._⚡️⚡️_.
John in Progress

Japanese dragon on this first time tattoo getter. This tattoo isn't finished yet. I'll post more photos when it's done. I just love it.

To Care Greg

This sleeve is all Polka trash style. "To Care" is the reason for life according to Martin Heidegger. Thanks Greg.

Sleeve in Progress

This tattoo is in progress on Tony who's neck I tattooed in Novemeber. We've nearly finished the bottom half and I am super looking forward to finishing this piece. He pretty much let me go wild on this one. He drinks all the water and has amazing skin. Oh and did I mention he sits like a rock? Well, he does.

Shea's half sleeve

I think this is one of my favorite tattoos I've made. Shea lets me do awesome tattoos on her. I had free reign on the design. Thank you Shea.

girlface halfsleeve tattoo

This client brought in a sketch of a girlface she liked and I added my own spin on it. She stipulated the flower types and the dreamcatcher.

Greg's roses tattoo

Greg wanted my roses tattooed in watercolor style on his biceps. Greg sits like a champ every time. Thanks love.

Sacral Chakra Tattoo

This one makes me happy. On Martin one of my favorite clients. Thanks Martin.

tony rose neck2
peonies tattoo.jpg
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