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Before gettting your tattoo

Prepping for getting your tattoo is almost as important as aftercare, so why not start out your tattoo journey right?  It helps you to be more comfortable and helps you heal better.

On the night before your appointment please do not get drunk and show up hungover, dehydrated, unfed and grumpy.  If before your tattoo, you feel like you need something alchoholic, that is just fine, but please use your brains and don't overdo it, ok?  Drunk people are hard to tattoo mostly because they move a lot.  Don't go getting sunburnt either because it will hurt so bad. 

On the day of your tattoo appointment please DRINK LOTS OF WATER before you show up to your appointment; being hydrated helps me to get your tattoo in right the first time and speeds up the healing process.  Also, make sure you have a GOOD MEAL before coming in to be tattooed; you don't want to feel sick while I am working on you. Bringing a water or sugary drink is highly recommended.  Please wear clothing that is suitable. For example: if you are getting tattooed on your leg, don't wear skinny jeans.  Tattoos on the back and shoulders mostly require you to have your shirt off and your hair out of the way.  Getting tattooed on your stomach?  Wear loose fitting pants or shorts.  Tattoos on the feet require you to wear sandals or super loose shoes. Also, please take a shower because we are going to get really close and personal.  I make sure that I don't smell like a goat before I come in and I appreciate your cleanliness as well.  


I have tried many methods of healing my tattoos over the years. Some methods really suck.  I'm describing below what I TYPICALLY do to ensure my tattoo heals quickly, easily and without infection.  You are welcome to do whatever you want, however, do so at your own risk. Taking the advice of well meaning friends could lead you to a harder than necessary heal.  

Immediately after I tattoo you I will apply a A&D and wrap you in a black bandage or saran wrap.  Keep this bandage on for an hour or 2 or until you can wash it. 

  • Please use a mild unfragranced soap to first wash your hands and then your tattoo.  The first wash you may have to wash it several times to completely clean off the extra ink, blood, and ointment. Please keep anti-bacterial soap handy just in case you need it.  I recommend using Dial Gold antibacterial hand soap in the pump container.

  • Let your tattoo air dry.  Do not use a towel on it the first couple days.

  • I personally dry heal my tattoos.  I wash them and then I leave them alone. 

  • If you think you need ointment after the first 24 hours: Apply a THIN LAYER of ointment and rub it into your skin.   Do not overdo the ointment. Once a day is fine. I like unrefined, cold-pressed organic coconut oil.  Aveno, Lubriderm and Tattoo Goo are good too. Now just leave it alone and let it breathe.

  • Wash it when you wake up and before you go to bed or when it gets dirty. Don't overwash it. Don't scrub it.

  • Don't touch it with your dirty hand or let others touch it either.  

  • Sleep on clean sheets.

  • Don't let your pet roll on it or lick it.  

  • Keep it out of the sun until it is healed.

  • Don't soak your tattoo in water until it's healed. (no rivers, lakes, pools, steam rooms, whirlpools, or extra long showers) 

       Basically, you need to keep it clean to prevent infection.  

  • Don't pick your tattoo. It will flake like a sunburn. Scabs are also normal. LEAVE IT ALONE. This is how your skin heals!

       If you see a little red around it after the 2 days, wash it with anti-bacterial soap once a day.

  • DO drink lots of water to help your skin heal quickly. 

  • DO eat healthy foods to help your skin organ heal. 

  • Do take it easy for a day or 2 while you are recovering from getting larger pieces.


Have more questions about your tattoos healing process?  Feel free to call or text me!  I am happy to answer your questions and facilitate an awesome heal for our artwork.

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