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Tattoo Artist History 

I currently employ myself as a full time custom tattoo artist. 

  When I started tattooing in 2004 I was working as a shop girl selling shirts, answering questions and making appointments at Hart and Huntington Tattoo inside the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.  I learned about what can and cannot be tattooed and why.  I met a few amazing and inspirational artists there that I will never forget.


Shortly after working there I worked as a waitress, cocktail server, barista, sales person at a clothing store and finally as a fire sprinkler designer all the while tattooing at night in my home. This went on for 4 years and after being laid off from my designing job I decided I wanted to tattoo full time. For several months I worked on paintings for a portfolio to show around town.  Many shops told me that I couldn't have an apprenticeship for many different reasons.  It was a hard time.  One shop told me that they don't allow woman tattoo artists in their shop!  


  A rough start working in tattoo shops didn't stop me.  After working at a few strange locations around Las Vegas and Reno, a shop owner in Reno walked into my shop and gave me a break. I studied tattoos and drawing more everyday and after several years established a nice clientele that I enjoyed making art for.  Several years and shops go by and then in 2012 I traveled to Costa Rica, where I tattooed for 8 months bartering tattoos for stays in hostels. In mid 2013 I resumed my job at Valor Parlor in Reno where I tattooed for another 2 years before Valor closed doors.  I then worked half a year at South Town Tattoo Collective before moving to Seattle.  I tattooed at Deep Roots Tattoo and Body Piercing for about 7 months where my tattooing continued to improve.  After a winter vacation in Hawai'i and visiting family in Portland, I was summoned to Santa Cruz, CA by a past coworker to come check out the scene there.  I worked at Illuminati Tattoo right off the famous Santa Cruz beach boardwalk for a year and really enjoyed creating a peaceful space for my clients to come to and for me to make art in.  


 I am currently working at Traditional Tattoo in San Luis Obispo.  I work hard to create a welcoming, relaxing vibe in the shop and I try to focus on getting my clients the tattoos they want while making sure I'm making a design that will last.  My clients comfort while getting their tattoo and making sure we have a good vibe going is also important to me.  I am not your biker tattoo shop (although I adore bikers and they are who I first idolized tattoos on) and I will not hard sell you a design you don't want on you.  Tattooing can be a very therapeutic experience if done in the right setting.  


I have worked at many other shops as a guest artist and I have also enjoyed tattooing at trade shows in the past.  

IT's Satisfying to make a great tattoo.

Work Experience
Traditional Tattoo & Body Piercing

This tattoo shop has been operating for many years in this location.  Fun vibes and lots of stuff to keep you entertained while you're here.  I tattoo in a nice private room for my clients comfort.  This shop is close to California Polytechnic school in San Luis Obispo. 

Illuminati Tattoo Santa Cruz 2018-2019

This well established shop is across the street from the boardwalk and warf, near many amazing beaches, Monterey Bay, and the super cool downtown area.  Super chill vibes and plenty of time to customize tattoo designs was the biz here.

Deep Roots Tattoo and Body Modification 2017-2018

After moving to Seattle I needed to work at a tattoo shop that has lots of walk-in traffic.  This shop is in 

Seattle's University District on the Ave.  Beautiful body jewelry and a rotating staff of awesome piercers make this shop fun.  Although there is a lot of walk-in traffic the space is very zen and has good open energy.  Huge street windows and high ceilings coupled with impressive cases of fantastic jewelry make this place fun to browse in.  My station is nicely tucked away in the back with a door that offers my clients privacy and a calm energy and make coming to work very relaxing.  

South Town Tattoo Collective  2016-2017

This is a brand spankin' new shop opened 2 months before I started here.  New car smell, bright lights and comfortable atmosphere in this place.  South Town was opened by Jay Dee Skinner and Nichole Moore as a place of acceptance and no judgement.  Don't bring your bad attitude in here, please. 

Valor Parlor Tattoo​       2011 - 2016 

Although I have traveled a lot in the last 5 years, I have continuously considered Valor Parlor my home shop since 2011.  This magical place has undergone amazing transformations in just 6 years.  Filled with the art of everyone who's ever worked there, a beautiful taxidermy collection, a library, and tons of interesting antiques, Valor is practically a museum.  To fully appreciate the place, you really must visit it.  Dustin Brown is the shop owner, a great friend and tattooer. 

Black Cat Tattoo     2010-2011

I worked at Black Cat Tattoo and had a great time. The tattooers are awesome there and I learned a lot about tattooing and marketing myself at this shop.  I still love these guys and have tattooed next to them at several tattoo conventions in town and out of town.

Reno Tattoo Company      2010-2010

This shop was also a place of learning for me.  I worked along side some really talented artists who inspired me to painting and tattooing.  I consider this shop to have been my foot up in my career. 


Community College of Southern Nevada

Associate's in Graphic Communication for Print


I nearly completed an Associates Degree at CCSN, and attended this campus for 3 years before transferring to UNLV.  I studied lower level art and computer graphics programs. I also had an insatiable love for Print Making and started learning to oil paint during my time there.

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Part of a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art 


I decided I wanted to tattoo full time while attending.  Taking classes at the university was a great decision for me because it was here that I started learning painting skills before becoming a tattoo artist which has been invaluable to me over the course of my tattooing career.  Going to school increased my desire to tattoo and elliminated my fear of trying new mediums.  I took classes in Advanced Painting, Advanced Drawing, Sculpture and Art History as well as general studies.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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