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Site Launch!

Thank you for coming to my website! Take a look around and feel free to send me comments, messages, images or anything else that strikes your fancy. I appreciate your feedback and support. Your critical remarks help me to better myself and your encouraging words help me to appreciate my own work.

In two weeks my shop, Valor Parlor will no longer be a tattoo shop. It will be Valor Art Parlor and you will still be able to find my friend Dustin Brown working there. He will be transforming the building into a more versatile art space and I look forward to seeing what he has up his sleeves. Opening for Valor Art Parlor is slated for the end of October so check back often for updates on the opening party and other news related to Valor.

I'll be taking a few days for a family vacation in the middle of August to welcome my newest Nephew who is due to be born very soon.

My new shop location will be announced soon!

Thank you for visiting my site! ~Stef

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