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South Town Updates

As some of you know I have started working at a new shop on the South end of Reno called South Town Tattoo Collective. I am working with the talented and kind souls Jay Dee Skinner and Nichole Moore along with a few apprentices and shop staff. I am very excited to be joining this collective of artists and I can't wait for all of my friends, family and clients to come check the place out.

Also, in the last couple weeks, I purchased an IPad Pro and I definitely feel like a pro now, boy, I'll tell you what! The following photo is a screenshot of a chest piece I started drawing yesterday. Below the line drawing is the reference picture and you can see the line work is nearly complete. In the next few days I'll be completing a full mock-up of the intended tattoo and I will post updates on the stages of the tattoos development so you can get an idea of my process and what is involved in getting larger scale work from me.

Ryan's chest piece mock-up with IPad

Recently, I have been putting more time into developing my art business. My portfolio has been updated, I've started work on a banner and new business cards, this website, and also, I will be making moves to print some of my paintings on canvas and high quality watercolor papers so that I can go sit my butt at art shows. I'm looking for some input into which pieces people might be interested in purchasing fine art prints. If you have any input, please shoot me a quick message about it! I would love to hear what you think.

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