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I got a new tattoo....Sorry Mom...

Here's another example of using my iPad to create tattoo designs. The first image is the idea that I sketched out. I took a picture of my face and then I used photo editing software to draw on how I wanted my tattoo to look. Another artist at my tattoo shop, Nichole Moore, drew the lines on with Sharpie and then made the tattoo. The second image is the tattoo on my face 2 days after getting the tattoo. She did a blast over on the right side of my face and neck and the left side and chin will be tattooed in the near future. I am pretty excited about the result.

The second set of images is my client Kaile who is getting a coverup tattoo. She supplied the first image and the second image is with the photo edited to reflect what I would like the completed tattoo to look like.

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