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I make fully custom high quality tattoos and tattoo illustrations for my clients that incorporate all of their ideas into a beautifully cohesive piece of body art that will look beautiful throughout the client's lifetime.

Tarot Reading

I enjoy reading tarot for others and can answer your questions by connecting deeply to my intuition and reading the symobology on the cards to connect the querent to the answers they are seeking. I have several layouts to choose from and can clarify any part of the spread that is interesting to the querent.

Digital Illustration

I make digital illustrations and paintings that can be used by you in a multitude of ways.  Some uses would be sticker designs, business cards, flyers, posters, t-shirts or art prints.  These designs can be printed or used digitally on your website.

Oracle and Animal Cards

Animal spirits, goddess energies and plant energies are the types of oracle decks I am currently proficient in.  I use these decks to connect to the energy surrounding the querent which can provide comfort and possible solutions to imbalances.

Woodburnt Art

The woodburnt art that I make is burnt on mostly raw edged wood.  I am happy to make custom designs in all sizes at a modest price. I specialize in animal portraits and mushroom art, however I am fully capable of your custom ideas


I have been using Reiki energy to help myself and others for 4 years.  I practice with level 2 Holy Fire Reiki.

This is a nondenominational energy service that clients describe as relaxing and comforting to aches and pains. Reiki can be performed in person or over Zoom.


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