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Tattoos before 2017

A selection of my work before 2017.

mom and daughter lotus tattoo
butterfly skull tattoo
Roses for Tara

Tara Davis and I have been working on this tattoo for like 3 years. The line work is from the beginning, but the color is fresh. I like this one a lot. Tara's the coolest kid in Reno, if you didn't know.

baseball collage tattoo
feather black tattoo
Andre's halfsleeve

This Hawaiian mask was very different for me. We have since added color and I haven't taken a picture of it in it's current state.

Luzcia's girlface tattoo

We started out with ideas to fill in space on her back but switched to the side. She supplied a girlface image her talented friend drew and I added my own touches. I love how this one turned out. Thanks Luzcia.

feather color tattoo
Nadine's hand tattoo
black and grey skull tattoo
mandala shoulder tattoo
Josh's hand

I am currently working on a black out on Josh. He brought in this mandala that he designed and we blasted it over a rose that was on his hand.

belt Latin tattoo
Thug Life tattoo.jpg
ryan angel1
Ryan angel3
flaming sparrow tattoo.jpg
anchor with clock
roses tattoo.jpg
gladiolus and lionking
traditional hearts with names coverup
heart faced lions tattoo
felicity's art girl tattoo.jpg
jonnie staight razor tattoo.jpg
day of dead girlface tattoo
allison tattoo
martins black cobras
praying hands tattoo.jpg
jonnie spider tattoo.jpg
no ablolutes tattoo.jpg
hourglass tattoo.jpg
fowlers death tattoo.jpg
fox tattoo.jpg
Brandon's sleeve wip

This tattoo on Brandon is still in progress. I can't wait to get some updated pictures of it. I did the graveyard scene at top and the tower on the shoulder. I have since added more color and clean ups on the bottom on some of the older stuff. Thank you Brandon.

matryoshka tattoo.jpg
murder city devils tattoo.jpg
roller girl tattoo.jpg
lion foot tattoo
tara tattoo.jpg
shelby flowers tattoo.jpg
winged guitar tattoo.jpg
woman reading tattoo.jpg
trust no one tattoo.jpg
traditional ship tattoo.jpg
Natailia's hibiscus and butterfly
lion coverup tattoo.jpg
anne redo tattoo.jpg
fleur des leis coverup tattoo.jpg

I covered up an outline that Brian didn't like with a Fleur des Leis on the New Orleans native.

bighorn sheep tattoo.jpg
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